Sunday, September 2, 2007


ive come to a decision
wont be updating anymore
well maybe not 'anymore'
for awhile la
for a number of reasons
'wasting time' is one
'lazy' is another
and 'pointless rambling' is another yet again
amongst the many others
so till 'the next time'
will inform when i actually start updating once again

Monday, August 27, 2007


horrid horrid monday
SWAY! is the word
come, let me tell all of you a sad sad story

felt a little sick
my tonsils were definitely inflammed
there was pus on it
tasted blood when i swallowed once in a while
ate only an apple the whole day
went to class
felt HORRID after that

not any better
didnt sleep the whole night coz the pain in my throat was BAD
temperature went up a little

but its not being sick thats horrid. every1 falls sick once in awhile...its being SWAY, absolutely SWAY thats disturbing

the plan:
see the doctor
go to school
im suppose to have my first sociology tutorial today
followed by my total war lecture
didnt know how i was going to survive from 2-8 w/o any substantial break
so i planned to go for tutorial and skip lecture

went to the doc
he gave me my meds
said my throats badly inflammed
gave me a different kind of antibiotic
went home
took the meds
got ready to go for lunch then school
my eyes turned deep red
like some freaking dracula
my mum called up our doc
he said come back immediately
so we did
on the way
my eyes swelled
looked like some doll you will find in movies like 'chuckie'
my mum told the counter lady
can you make it fast, shes needs to go to school
the lady was like
what school?
university, said my mum
she replied
mad ah???your so sick!dont go!
i cant not go to school!
first tutorial, no friends in the class
bad bad idea to skip
1: bad impression
2: if there was an assignment given, i would never know!
3: miss out, and be lost
my bro said...dont go!anw you look fightening
even aunty usha said...jst wld be crazy to go to sch

so i didnt go
and i feel soooo insecure
i have no way of finding out what went on
i need to email the tutor and ask if i can go for another slot
so that i dont miss out
and ask if theres any assignment
but guess what
i bloody hell dont know the tutors name!
so i have to email the department
my bro and niva said emailings the only thing i can do

now i seriously miss days in JC
at least you have friends!
and your not completely alone in some classes
so that if you skip a day
you just pick up the phone and call a friend
sway..first tutorial
and rekhas missing

Friday, August 24, 2007

study to be happy

come all ye ppl.lets take our minds to the grandeur of the elizabethan era and focus our very much dwindling brains to the splendour of the very person who coined the depths of the english language; shakespeare. as He once pointed out thru the voices of the characters of 'Macbeth', 'life is walking shadow which struts and frets..'

no, i'm not doing Macbeth now, neither am i doing shakespeare. But i surely am 'struting and fretting' across te stage of studies!

ok rekha. cut the crap

Right now as i'm typing, I am simple laying out the flowers and streamers for my very own lovely. and when i am done I shall lay my body on it, and peacefully devour every moment of my failures.....and then maybe when i am in hell...or with some luck, heaven, i shall write a book titled, 'rekhas many many failures in her first year at NUS.'

yes yes, i am crapping again am i?????

rekha is not suppose to be blogging
rekha is suppose to be studying
rekha is prob the only uni student not studying
and rekha is going to be lost next week
and rekha is not gng to get her points
and 4ys later
rekha is not going to achieve her aim of first class honours
now rekha is officially allowed to

okok.cannot.caonnaot cannot cannot
i am officially turning into a nerd.
better make sure that i become a geek
so no more roaming around aimlessly around the campus
no more brownies with ice cream topped with gossipping
study study study
and oh, shall we be happy!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


its bubbling
somewhere under my exterior
an interior so DARK......
an interior so familiar

im angry
i cant nail the reason behind it
its a concoction of emotions
all negative of course
and its bubbling up
now close to the surface
and im going to explode

but that rose remains deep in my heart
the one that was touched by
the most radiant light ever
just a couple of weeks ago
and that rose
remains strong
on a cushion of serenity and beauty
and it consumes this anger
tho not all of it
its leaving me some to handle
so that i can learn

i hate in when im angry
and worst still
cant find a single reason for it
coz theres just too many
to make matters worst
i realised i have to start studying
as in mugging
else i'll fall back
and i have sooo much planning
im freaking out!
those of u who knoe we well
u know what i become when im freaking out
and its absolutely scary
no no
the 'A level' stress panicky rekha must not come back
and HE better help...he just better.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

AY 2007/2008 ... freshman

alrite...week one has come
and gone
fridays my free day
its called
'strategic planning when choosing modules'
if ur smart like me...u will also end up with long weekends

my modules this sem:
HY2216 : total war
HY1101E: Asia and the modern world
SC1101E: making sense of society
SE1101E: southeast asia, a changing region
PS1101E: Introduction to political science

gone for all except the first one
and its all good
no major complains bout any one of them
the weeks really relax
coz tutorials havent started
and we havent strated drowning in assignments and projects
but yeah
i made good choices
the modules are all useful and fun..and the lecturers are good

the school?
its interesting how all the faculties have their individual characteristics
and where i come from
its colour...
silence?? NO WAY
its us
its me
arts students have their very individualistic sense of being
science have theirs
biz have theirs
...and the list goes on
the structure itself?
they can do better
but the old fashioned ambiance
that dawns upon you
once you step on the sch grounds
has a subtle sense of class
the idea of
'gentry of the old parish' i would say
and within the quiet walls
of the campus as a whole
a vague illustration of
social stratification can be seen
and i would say
at the peak of the pyramid
lies ....
we rock lar....i have to admit...along with everyone else...
and to shift to my evil side
if u really cant consume the different 'colours' of FASS
like this guy in my soci lect
doing the module as a cross-faculty module
kills the ambiance of FASS with just one statement:
"har, must write essay one ah??"
go away...shoo...shooo
go back to ur home
if u want to contaminate mine
sorry..evil i know
but in life there must always be a balance of good and evil
even in ourselves

university ... hmmmmm
its realy funny how u work your way up
one moment your a silly JCstudent
struggling...stress to the max
convinced that at the rate your going you'll never make it to uni
convinced that uni is a 'dream'...never to become real
and next moment
ur A levels results are out
u r walking the streets of nus/ntu/smu
and now ur main concern is getting thru uni...and cmming out wit a first class honour degree
amazing life has its automatic gradual progression
so to all those JC students
trust me
you'll make long as u put in the effort
A's will be the worst exam any1 can sit for
but its not a hurdle you cant jump over
you'll have to struggle ...and jump and jump ...
over and over again
thats gauranteed
but with all that trying
your bound to get over it...
trust me
i know what im talking about
been there, done that
hold strong, and have faith
espeacially my dear friend/sister
you'll do it....
and i'll be right next to you
together with HIM

Monday, August 13, 2007

the weekend

a very simple
a very sincere
i must say

was the JOY presentation
followed by bhajans
at moulmein
we all went to tekka
for teh aliah
(mine was ice milo)
tehn had no idea where toi go for dinner
gokul was closed
so some1 suggested komala vilas!
and yes
tats where we ended up!
so so fun
as usual...

us (just one table..the other tables not in foto) at KV

woke up early
went for prayers arranged by my dear grandma
rushed to class
made it just b4 the buses came
felt a tiny bit guilty tat i couldnt come early to help clean the premises
class was superb as usual
tho many didnt turn up
but tat just gave us an opportunity to have informla chats with the girls
i was exhausted
EXHAUSTED by the end of it
then went to temple to set up for bhajans
lay the sound system wires
i was soooooo tired
i couldnt take it anymore....
left around 9 15
reached home
around 10 +
so so tired

Friday, August 10, 2007

the four of us after the movie

ya cutest mums side

abi dearie and me...after the swensons

ya sumis brother...prashant..i used to babysit him...he's growing up sooo fast

archu dearie and PS toilet

mummy and me at my aunts place

just plainly me ...

there she is agian..i bet shes the prettiest in her cls... :)

i didnt take a photo of my heres an older photo..him and his band...super cool...they were a really popular band in the 60' uncles the one in sunglasses..he used to be the guitarist and lead singer...but basically he can play any instrument....the keyboard, drumsets, violin...everything...
heres wat happened yest...went to watch harry potter again...went to swensons..then rushed home coz my uncle and aunt and their kids were cmming over and we were going out for dinner...they migrated to india 2 yrs ago..yes india...coz its easier to survive as a musician there than here...and the kids are having a great time...coz sch isnt stressful...and sooooo cute...they have a slight indian accent!..and they shake their heads when they talk...but character wise..they are still the same....
i remember i used to take care of prashant when he was in diapers...and now whaooo....he's 12 ... so fast..but still cute larrr...he sang the indian national anthem for us...its damn nice...sounds like some ganesha bhajan...and the night his sister was born, we had to look after him...still rmb those days were he was still soo little.
yasumi...has always been oh so pretty...i still rmb the time when i was babysitting her, and i scolded her nicely coz she didnt want to finish her food...those were the days...miss babysitting them...they are still soo adorable.
miss my uncle too..during christmas gatherings , he would lead us in all the carols, while he played the guitar and my older uncle played the violin...and we wld listen to him sing, (we atempted to sing along) and we would eat nice christmas pudding and cake....he seriously has a damn nice voice...he came to the temple once and led a class with the grp 3's when i was still in grp 3...but tat was a long time ago...oh and u know wat...he was asked to be a s'pore idol judge...but he was migrating wld have been so fun watching him them and miss them!!! :(